14+ Formal Ways to Say “I Will Get Back to You”

In the hustle and bustle of today’s business world, it’s not always possible to provide an immediate answer or solution. This often leads us to tell others – “I will get back to you”. But are we doing it right?

Are there more formal ways that can add a professional touch to our communication? Absolutely! Here are 12 formal alternatives for saying “I will get back to you” that ensure your message is conveyed with grace and professionalism. Let’s dive in and broaden our vocabulary horizons!

Email Etiquette: Polite Ways to Indicate a Response

When it comes to email communication, politeness is key. Here are some phrases you can use when indicating that you’ll get back to someone:

  • “I will look into this and get back to you.” This phrase assures the recipient that their query or concern has been acknowledged and indicates your intent to respond.
  • “Let me check on this, I’ll revert soon.” It conveys urgency – showing the recipient they’re valued.
  • “I need more time for a comprehensive response.” Honesty goes a long way in maintaining professional relationships. If an issue requires attention, let them know without giving false promises.
“Allow me some time…”When you want to depict courtesy by asking for permission.
“Your question needs further investigation…”To convey sincere effort in finding accurate information.
  1. Once I have more details…“: An effective statement when waiting on others’ input or data.
  2. Upon receiving all necessary info…“: Assures recipients of your action plan – once every piece falls into place.
  3. As soon as possible…“: A classic standby; communicates respect for their time & patience.

Remember, clear communication doesn’t have just one form – tailor responses according to individual situations!

Professional Language for Promising a Timely Reply

When aiming to convey professionalism in your communication, choosing the right phrases can make all the difference. Here are some formal ways to ensure the recipient that you will respond promptly:

  • “Your query is important to us; we will provide a comprehensive answer soon.” This phrase not only assures immediate action but also stresses on providing an exhaustive response.
  • “I am currently looking into your request and will revert back shortly.” It shows that their request is being addressed without delay.

A comparison between these expressions may further enlighten their usage:

PhraseWhen To Use
“Your query is important…soon”Use this when addressing client queries or complaints. Shows urgency and commitment.
“I am currently looking…shortly”Appropriate when responding to colleagues or superiors at work. Demonstrates initiative and responsibility.

Remember, it’s not just about promising a timely reply, but also delivering on that promise.

How to Politely Inform Someone of Your Delayed Response

Sometimes, it’s not possible to respond immediately. Here are some polite ways you can tell someone about your delayed response:

“I’m currently out of the office…”This phrase indicates that you’re unavailable at the moment but will attend to their request as soon as you return.
“Your email is important to me…”By expressing that their message matters, this statement assures them they aren’t being ignored.
“I’m swamped with work right now…”Honestly stating your situation shows respect for the other person and lets them know why there might be a delay in your response.

Remember, it’s not just what you say—it’s also how you say it. The table below illustrates effective combinations of phrases and tones:

“I’m currently out of the office but I’ll get back to you first thing when I return.”Reassuring
“Your email is important to me! Please bear with me while I navigate my current workload.”Enthusiastic
“Unfortunately, I’m swamped with work right now but rest assured —your message isn’t falling on deaf ears.”Honest

Finally, don’t forget to provide an estimated time frame if possible. It helps manage expectations and keeps communication lines clear.

Just remember: honesty paired with politeness goes a long way when informing someone about a delayed response!

Alternative Phrases for Assuring a Prompt Answer

When it comes to business communication, sometimes “I will get back to you” can sound too informal or vague. Here’s a list of alternative phrases that assure your counterpart of a prompt answer:

  • “Expect my feedback shortly.”
  • “Allow me some time to look into this. I’ll revert soon.”
  • “Let me gather the information needed and I’ll respond in no time.”

These alternatives not only promise a quick response but also convey professionalism.

If you want to be specific about timelines, consider these expressions:

  1. By end of day: When you’re certain you can provide an answer by the end of the working day.
  2. First thing tomorrow: If it requires more time but still promises priority.
  3. Within 24 hours: A good option when needing more than just few hours but less than two days.
PhraseAppropriate Situation
“Expect my feedback shortly.”For general use
“Let me gather the information needed and I’ll respond in no time.”Detailed inquiries
“By end of day”Confident short-term replies
“Within 24 hours”Longer processing times

Choosing the right phrase can help maintain professional relationships while ensuring effective communication!

Tips for Communicating Delays in Getting Back to Others

In the world of professional communication, it’s essential to be tactful when you anticipate a delay in providing feedback or answers. Here are few tips on how to do so effectively:

  • Be upfront and clear: Don’t keep people guessing about your timeline. If you know there will be a delay, inform them as soon as possible.
  • Provide an approximate timeframe: It’s helpful to give an estimate of when they can expect a response from you, like “within two days” or “by next week”.
  • Express appreciation for their patience: A simple thank-you goes a long way towards maintaining good relations despite any delays.

Here is how you might phrase these messages:

ScenarioFormal Response
You need more time for research.Thank you for your question. I’ll need some additional time to gather accurate information and will get back to you by end of next week.
You’re waiting on input from another party.I appreciate your inquiry. I’m currently awaiting further details from another department and should have an answer for you within two business days.
It’s simply not the right time yet.Thanking you for reaching out! We’re still working through some details at this point but plan on getting back with more information before Friday afternoon

Remember – transparency fosters trust!

Wrapping Up

In business communication, it’s crucial to manage expectations and maintain professionalism. These phrases that we’ve discussed provide a formal way of saying “I will get back to you”, alleviating any sense of uncertainty or impatience from the other party.

Remember, clarity and timeliness in your responses build trust and foster better relationships, whether with clients, colleagues or partners. So next time when you need some time before getting back with an answer, use these phrases effectively!

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