13 Formal Ways to Say “I Will Look Into It” in an Email

Mastering the art of professional communication can take you far in your career. One of the common phrases used in business emails is "I will look into it". This article explores this phrase, offering 13 formal alternatives to help you diversify your professional vocabulary.

The Importance of Professional Email Communication

In the professional world, communication is everything. How you express yourself can greatly influence your professional image. Using a variety of phrases in your emails not only demonstrates your mastery of English language but also shows respect and consideration to the recipient. The phrase "I will look into it" is often used in professional communication, but it can become repetitive and lose its impact if overused. Diversifying your vocabulary with alternative phrases can keep your communication fresh and engaging.

Using alternative phrases also allows you to match the tone and formality of your email to the recipient and the context. For example, using "I will investigate the matter" may be more appropriate in a formal setting than "I'll check it out". Knowing a variety of phrases can thus help you to communicate more effectively and professionally.

Alternative Phrases for “I Will Look Into It”

Here are 13 formal alternatives to "I will look into it" that you can use in your emails:

Phrase Scenario
I will investigate the matter. Responding to a client's complaint about a product.
I will take a closer look. Addressing a colleague's concern about a project.
I will delve into it. Responding to a boss's query about a report.
I will study the issue. Addressing a client's inquiry about a service.
I will examine the situation. Responding to a superior's question about a recent event.
I will explore it in depth. Addressing a partner's suggestion for a new venture.
I will scrutinize the situation. Responding to a complaint about a service.
I shall probe into it. Addressing a manager's question about an incident.
I will inspect it thoroughly. Responding to a customer's query about a product.
I will analyze the circumstance. Addressing a team member's question about a task.
I will review it carefully. Responding to a client's feedback about a service.
I will assess the situation. Addressing a boss's inquiry about a project.
I am looking into it right now. Responding to an urgent request from a manager.

Effective Use of Formal Phrases

Using these alternative phrases effectively will greatly boost your professional communication skills. Choosing the right phrase for each situation requires understanding the context and the tone of the conversation. For instance, "I will scrutinize the situation" implies a detailed and critical examination, making it suitable for serious matters, while "I am looking into it right now" conveys a sense of urgency.

Here are some tips for using these phrases:

  • Use them sparingly to avoid sounding robotic or overly formal.
  • Match the level of formality to the recipient and the situation.
  • Always follow up on your promise to look into the matter.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

While using these phrases, there are several common mistakes to avoid. One of the most common is using a phrase that is too formal or too casual for the situation. For example, using "I will delve into it" in a casual email to a colleague could seem out of place.

Also, be aware of the following:

  • Never make a commitment to look into a matter unless you genuinely plan to do so.
  • Be sure to follow up on your promise, to maintain trust and credibility.
  • Avoid using these phrases to delay or avoid dealing with a problem.

Real-World Examples of Formal Phrases Use

Here are five examples of how these phrases can be used in professional communication:

Scenario Phrase
A client complains about the quality of a product. "Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will investigate the matter and get back to you as soon as possible."
A colleague points out an error in a report. "I appreciate your keen eye. I will take a closer look at this."
A superior asks about the progress of a project. "I will delve into it and provide a detailed update by tomorrow."
A customer inquires about a delay in service. "I understand your concern. I will scrutinize the situation and ensure it is resolved promptly."
A manager asks about an unexpected issue. "I wasn't aware of this. I shall probe into it immediately."

Elevating Your Professional Communication

In the world of professional communication, variety and precision in language can set you apart. By incorporating these formal phrases into your emails, you can express your commitment to addressing issues in a respectful and professional manner. Remember, the key to using these phrases effectively lies in understanding their connotations and matching them to the context. So, next time you are about to write "I will look into it", consider using one of these alternatives to elevate your professional communication.

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