13 Polite Ways to Say “Please Be Reminded”

In the world of professional communication, it's crucial to maintain a respectful and considerate tone. One such situation where this applies is when you need to remind someone about something. The phrase "Please Be Reminded" is commonly used, but it can sometimes come off as stern or even rude. This blog post aims to introduce you to 13 polite alternatives to the phrase "Please Be Reminded."

Exploring Polite Reminders

Reminders are essential in our daily lives, helping us to remember important tasks, meetings, or deadlines. However, the way we remind others can significantly impact how our message is received. Using a polite and respectful tone can make the difference between a well-received reminder and one that causes annoyance or offense.

In professional environments, courtesy is key. This extends to reminders, where the goal is to nudge the recipient without coming off as pushy or condescending. Using phrases that are gentle and professionally courteous can greatly enhance your communication skills.

Polite Alternatives to "Please Be Reminded"

Here are some polite alternatives to "Please Be Reminded". Each example is presented in a table with a scenario-based usage for a better understanding.

Polite Reminder Scenario-Based Usage
"I wanted to remind you about…" "I wanted to remind you about our meeting tomorrow at 10 am."
"Just a quick reminder…" "Just a quick reminder, the report is due on Friday."
"Kindly remember to…" "Kindly remember to bring the financial statements for the meeting."
"Don't forget to…" "Don't forget to sign the document before leaving."
"Let's not forget…" "Let's not forget, we have a client presentation tomorrow."
"Please remember…" "Please remember that Monday is a public holiday."
"I'm sure you haven't forgotten, but just to confirm…" "I'm sure you haven't forgotten, but just to confirm, we have a team lunch on Wednesday."
"As a gentle reminder…" "As a gentle reminder, the deadline for submitting the proposal is next Monday."
"Please note that…" "Please note that the office will be closed next Friday for maintenance."
"I just wanted to touch base about…" "I just wanted to touch base about the project we discussed last week."
"I thought it would be helpful to remind you…" "I thought it would be helpful to remind you that the contract ends in a month."
"It's important to remember…" "It's important to remember that our team meeting has been moved to Thursday."
"To ensure we're all on the same page…" "To ensure we're all on the same page, the team-building activity is scheduled for next Tuesday."

Tips for Crafting Polite Reminders

When crafting reminders, it's important to be clear and concise. The recipient should easily understand the task or event you're reminding them about.

  • Use positive language. Instead of focusing on the consequences of forgetting, emphasize the benefits or positive outcomes of remembering.
  • Be specific. Include any necessary details such as the date, time, location, or any items they need to bring or prepare.
  • Keep it brief and professional. Long-winded reminders can lose the reader's attention, and overly casual language can diminish the importance of the reminder.

Pitfalls to Avoid in Reminder Communications

While crafting reminders, there are a few common mistakes you should avoid to prevent miscommunication or offense.

  • Avoid using harsh language. Phrases like "You must remember" or "Do not forget" can come off as commanding or condescending.
  • Don't bury the reminder in a long email. If the reminder is the main purpose of the communication, it should be clear and not hidden in a large chunk of text.
  • Avoid being vague. Ensure that the task or event you're reminding about is clearly stated and any necessary details are included.
  • Don't overdo reminders. Sending too many reminders can be annoying and may be perceived as nagging.

Real-Life Applications of Polite Reminders

To understand how these alternatives can be used appropriately, let's look at some real-world examples.

Real-Life Scenario Polite Reminder
You want to remind your team about an upcoming deadline. "Kindly remember to submit your individual progress reports by Friday."
You are reminding a client about a meeting. "Just a quick reminder about our meeting tomorrow at 2 pm."
You want to remind your boss about a report you sent for review. "I wanted to remind you about the report I sent last week. I'm eager to hear your feedback."
Reminding a colleague about a shared task. "Let's not forget, we agreed to finalize the project brief by Wednesday."
You're reminding your team about a change in meeting time. "Please note that our weekly meeting has been moved to 10 am instead of the usual 2 pm."

Gentle Nudges: The Art of Polite Reminders

Mastering the art of polite reminders is a valuable skill in maintaining harmonious and effective professional communication. It's all about striking a balance—being assertive enough to get the message across, yet courteous enough to respect the recipient's autonomy. So, the next time you need to send out a reminder, remember to give it a gentle nudge and choose your words wisely.

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